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How Many Attorneys Do You Compete With In Your City?

It is estimated that you will compete with an average of 30 attorneys per 10,000 people. When you account for the fact that a typical attorney will serve a population of 80,000 or greater, the number of attorneys competing with you can jump to 300+ lawyers or more.  

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Is It Really A Lawyer Bubble?

It really depends on who you ask. I’m sure it’s safe to assume a new law school graduate might agree with Steven Harpers book, however, a seasoned veteran getting referral business from their colleagues not so much.
But what if you aren’t getting enough referral business? How do you realistically get a stronghold on your market and get in front of your potential new clients?
Lawyer Bubble
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The Number Of Lawyers In 2018

The American Bar Association reports that the number of active attorneys in the United State is approximately 1,335,963. And if you were able to play around with our handy map of where they are practicing, you can start to see that you need a plan if you are serious about becoming a legal brand in your community.

Building Your Legal Brand In Your Community Matters

A client of ours came to us and in a few short months we started generating 112 phone calls, and 45 form submissions

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